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Well I spent most of last week down in Idaho Falls shooting the USPSA Area 1match and working it.  The match was fun and I had a personal best with a HF=11.7769 on Bay 2B - Step Carefully.  Day one went really well for me but day 2 unfortunately didn’t   I have to work more on the consistency aspect of my game.  Overall I came in 4th C missing out on 3rd by 3%.  I did still manage to walk off with a $50 Starline gift certificate off the prize table. 

In addition to shooting the match I was also a CRO.  For some reason they seem to think I am competent down there as they gave me one of the 2 ranges that had 2 stages on them.  Stage 9 A was a bit of a challenge as it had a Fawley contraption on it that I had to keep adjusting to keep it running.  The hard part in doing that is making sure that when you adjust it that you don’t change the timing or the presentation.   I did have one arbitration filed on it but the arbitration failed, whew.  The other problem was making sure that our poppers stayed calibrated.  Because of the soft sand on the range they start to dig themselves in.  We did pretty well as we only had on failure when calibration was called for.  It also helped that I had some very good help to run the stage.  Thanks to Sue, Chris, Dan and Paul for ROing and thanks to Bill for running the “paper” on stage 9 B.

Speaking of paper it was almost a paperless match.  Everything was scored with Nooks and the totals were transferred to paper.  As far as I know the paper backup was not needed for the whole match.   Pretty cool when a Luddite like me can use electronic scoring. 

Alberta did pretty well in the match as well.  Ivan R won Top Master in Single Stack, while Ian J was top B in Limited, Jeremy R was 2nd overall in Limited class and Dooby was top D in open.    those who won their divisions all won guns!  Congratulations.