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Shooting the GSG

Went out to the range today with a young lady and her husband to do a bit of work with her with the GSG 22.  Prior to this her husband had her try his Glock 17.  She thought it was to lound, didn't fit her hand and it felt like it was going to twist out of her hand.  All pretty typical complaints  She took a step towards cutting the noise down by getting a pair of fitted ear plugs at the lethbrige show.  she liked them since they cut down the noise by a whole bunch,  


So anyhow we started herboff slow.  I showed her how to hold the gun properly and how the controls work so she could lock the gun open plus apply and take off the safety.  i fired the 22 a couple of times with her besides me so she know what it would sound like.  then i had her start off firing one round at a target at 5 yards.  We then moved her up two rounds.  after a couple of mags she asked me to show her how to load the mags and with in a couple of mags she was loading 5 rounds into it.  once we got her to stop flinching she as getting some great groups.  The picture below was about at 40 rounds through the gun.  by the end of the day we had spent two hours on the range and she had gone through over 60 rounds of ammunition and she even said she was starting to have some fun.  She is now going to buy her own GSG and practise some more with it.