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Q21 & Q22

Attended Q21/22 in Brooks over the past weekend.  I had a great time.  Doug and Phil designed a nice match that worked well and the changeover to Sunday just built on what they had started.

Saturday I missed first B by 0.33%.  I had a miss on stage one on the swinger.  When I took the second shot I knew it was either an edge hit or a miss and as I was about to reengage it I saw what I thought was a hole.  Unfortunately when they went to score the swinger what I thought was a hole was a bad patch job with the patch curled up creating a shadow that looked like a hole!  The miss cost me 10 match points which would have given me first B.  Oh well Brother Frank got to drive the new car home :}

On Sunday through it was a different storey.  I took top B by almost 3%!  Yea me.  I am hoping that maybe I have gotten over the hump and my scores will start to increase.  My trap shooting buddy Doug had taken some lessons down south over the winter and had passed on a few tips to me.  While I was trying to make them work I figured out that if I looked at the target and let the sight come naturally to my eyes I could hit birds.  I figured I would try to do the same thing with my pistol shooting and it seems to be working.  I just have to work a bit more on my aim.    I am looking forward to Provincials in two weeks and Area 1’s this week.

Sales were good and I would like to thank all of my customers for their continue support.

If you are looking for something drop me a line.  You never know what I have kicking around :}