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Production Optics

well i have to admit it production optics cuaght my fancy so i have gone out and built a new PO gun.





The gun started out as a Tanfoglio Stock 1. The first things i did to it was:
- added a ambi safety
- added a Xtreme Light Hammer Spring
- added a Xtreme Light Firing Pin Spring
- added a Xtreme Firing Pin
- added a Xtreme Titan Hammer

I then put in a EGW mount and topped it off with a C-More RTS2.

I am carrying it presently in Cactus Slide Ride, since you need a different trigger insert fo the CR Speed holster that i didn't have on hand. i will bring that in on my next order from Freedom.



For those of that are interested, the EGW mount was nice and tight. we installed it with a sight pusher. No shims or anything required. As a side note Freedom Ventures has quite carrying the EG mount and are instead going with the Henning. Apparently they are a nicer mount. they must have something going for them since the initial order is sold out and they are waiting for more.

I went with the RTS2 since Freedom Ventures were out of the STS2 and i didn't want to wait.

It's been interesting learning how to use and shot a production gun. The boys on Thursday night have been having a bit of fun laughing at me as i remember that i have to lower the hammer.

Any questions about my rig just ask. I will be shooting it Sunday at the Qualifier at the TSE.