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IPSC Qualifier #14

Well it was quite the week leading up to Q14.  I had a cousin pass away in Saskatchewan on the 13 and the funeral was the on the 18.  Since my brother was going and my cousin Jimmy was flying in from Sudbury as well I decided i should go a well especially since I don't see that side of the family much.  That meant I drove out on Tuesday attended the funeral Wednesday and drove home Thursday.  

I got back on Thursday and instead of getting ready for Friday I decided to go shoot league Thursday night in Taber.  League is always fun and Thursday was a good time since they set up Stages 3.4 and 5 to practise. 

So there I was Friday morning loading my truck for the trip to Calgary and muttering under my breath about how I should have done it Thursday.  The end result was that I forgot a couple of people who wanted stuff.  Damn.

Saturday I taught a PAL course at Cathy’s niece’s place.  I had a total of 5 students which was good since that was about all we could hold in her place.  All 5 passed which is always a good thing and all 5 have intentions of buying guns.

So after the course I popped over to The Shooting Edge to see how the guys were doing since Todd O and myself were Range Masters on Sunday.   Todd had everything well in hand when I got there and I only had to make a couple of suggestions which were appreciated.

I went to the range early Sunday morning with Todd.  Registration went well and first shots were fired about 7:50.  Unfortunately Todd had to deal with one match DQ.  Other than that things went well and the changeover went off without a hitch.  About the only thing I had to do was at almost the end of the match.  We had a scoring challenge I had to look at and after using a couple of overlays the shooter got two alphas instead of an alpha mike.  I mean really guys if you can shot that well can’t you space them a half inch apart?  Besides from that the match finished on time and I was home by 8 pm with a nap on the way.