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Walter's blog


Well, did another PAL and RPAL course this weekend in Brooks.  I had a full class on Saturday with 8 students.  However it was like herding cats!  They kept getting off on tangents.  I hate stifling questions as I think it does contribute to the learning process even if it is off subject because I think it promotes them asking questions on subject.  It was about 5:30 by the time we finished the course and closer to 7:30 by the time they got out of there. 


Well on Saturday the 14, I did another PAL course in Taber.  It was supposed to be 6 people but turned out to be 7.  Things went really one especially since I had one fellow that I was a bit worried about on his reading skills.  Damn if he didn't get a 90%!  For some reason it was a slow course and I didn't get done till about 7.  Fortunately Cathy had thrown a pork roast into the slow cooker with barbecue sauce so I had barbeque when I got home.  All that was missing was fresh buns.

Taber Black Badge Course

Well I spent the weekend with Kevin B and Nick B teaching a Black Badge course in Taber to 7 new shooters.  It was a very good course and was interesting as we have 4 Calgary Police Service Officers.  We actually got done early both days which was nice.  Of course i forgot to take a picture of the class, again.  Congratulations to Steve, Tax, Stephan, Shawn, Rainer, Sean and Derek on completing the course.  Hopefully we will see them all in Brooks.

Calgary PAL and RPAL

Wow busy weekend for me.  Todd O arranged both a PAL and a RPAL course to take place at his place.  We ended up with 11 people on Saturday for the PAL course and 10 on Sunday for the RPAL.  We had one young lady that impresssed me.  Many people have problems locking open the 22 automatic i use on the course.  This young lady figured out it less then 5 minutes.  Then on sunday once i showed her how to use her body to operate the 1911 she was locking it open like a pro!  I just love it when i can see a person move along so quickly and having fun.

IPSC Qualifier #14

Well it was quite the week leading up to Q14.  I had a cousin pass away in Saskatchewan on the 13 and the funeral was the on the 18.  Since my brother was going and my cousin Jimmy was flying in from Sudbury as well I decided i should go a well especially since I don't see that side of the family much.  That meant I drove out on Tuesday attended the funeral Wednesday and drove home Thursday.  

Shooting the GSG

Went out to the range today with a young lady and her husband to do a bit of work with her with the GSG 22.  Prior to this her husband had her try his Glock 17.  She thought it was to lound, didn't fit her hand and it felt like it was going to twist out of her hand.  All pretty typical complaints  She took a step towards cutting the noise down by getting a pair of fitted ear plugs at the lethbrige show.  she liked them since they cut down the noise by a whole bunch,  


PAL/RPAL Course Vulcan

Well I spent Saturday and Sunday in Vulcan (no Spock did not visit) teaching both a PAL and a RPAL course.  On Saturday I had a total of 9 students for the PAL with 5 of them being women including a mom and her 2 daughters.  It is really great to see more women getting involved in the shooting sport.  On Sunday I had 7 students for the RPAL course but only two woman this time, mom and one daughter, but mom made up for it by bring her husband and son!  All of the students did well both days with everyone easily passing both the written and the practical exams.  Congratulations.