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Walter's blog

Lethbridge Gun Show

Well we had a table again this year at the Lethbridge Gun show and it was a highly successful gun show.  It started off a little slow without the mad rush at 9 am but by noon the place was hopping.  This year it seemed people were buying guns (thanks Justin.)  I sold a total of 5 hand guns and 2 rifles.  The other I sold a lot of was 9 mm ammunition.  I came home with a total of 600 rounds of 9 mm.  Well the 40 and 45 was selling it wasn’t the same as the 9 mm. 

Utah State

Well i shot the Utah State Match again this year.  However this year i had to do a couple of reloads plus i did a Canadian reload as well on one stage.  This turned out not to be a great match for me as my gun was acting and not feeding correctly.   not sure why at his  point.  i cleaned the Aftec as well as replaced the return spring.  i am going to try a new mag in it to see if that is the problem or not.  I had one good stage finishing 22 on stage 2.  Besides from that is was a fun match and i enjoyed myself.


Well I spent most of last week down in Idaho Falls shooting the USPSA Area 1match and working it.  The match was fun and I had a personal best with a HF=11.7769 on Bay 2B - Step Carefully.  Day one went really well for me but day 2 unfortunately didn’t   I have to work more on the consistency aspect of my game.  Overall I came in 4th C missing out on 3rd by 3%.  I did still manage to walk off with a $50 Starline gift certificate off the prize table. 

Q21 & Q22

Attended Q21/22 in Brooks over the past weekend.  I had a great time.  Doug and Phil designed a nice match that worked well and the changeover to Sunday just built on what they had started.

Qualifier #19

Well I went up to Spruce Grove last weekend to shot Qualifier #19 and I had a couple of pleasant surprises.  The first one was that I won top B by 0.12 %.  That was great as I was a slow as molasses on stage one and two, but was third overall on stage 3, I took a miss on stage 4 which cost me 9 points, on stage 5 I took a no shot and a miss which cost me another 6 points and on stage 6 the last stage I was slow and dropped to many points. 


Fort McMurray Match

Well I did the 10 ½ hour drive up to Fort McMurray this past weekend.  I went up Thursday to give a hand with setup on Friday but there was actually lots of help with setup.   The match was basically built by noon on Friday and the afternoon was spent tweaking the match. 


May Black Badge Course

Well did another successful Black Badge course May 9/10 in Lethbridge.  We had 10 people for it and it kept us very busy.  We had some brand new shooters in the group along with some very experience shooters.  They all had fun.

Thanks to Nick and Shawn for their help.



Well, did another PAL and RPAL course this weekend in Brooks.  I had a full class on Saturday with 8 students.  However it was like herding cats!  They kept getting off on tangents.  I hate stifling questions as I think it does contribute to the learning process even if it is off subject because I think it promotes them asking questions on subject.  It was about 5:30 by the time we finished the course and closer to 7:30 by the time they got out of there.